2010 – The Year in Pictures

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2009 Got Short Changed

I didn’t get around to updating the blog at the end of 2009. Instead, I’ve just now (at the end of 2010) posted a few pics from 2009 and will let it go at that. Go to the 2009 page to check it out. Here’s a little shot to whet your appetite.

A Merry Christmas Slide Show

Here’s a quick little Animoto slide show to wish you a Merry Christmas, or any other happy holiday that you choose to celebrate.

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Dahl Family 2008 in Pictures

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Happy Holidays from the Dahl House

Dahls in 2001 and 2007

Another year is coming to a close. The Dahl family has enjoyed another fun and active year. Once again we are using this blog in place of our annual holiday letter. We hope you like it. Don’t miss our page of family videos.

Click the play button (twice) to enjoy some Christmas music while reading about the Dahls in 2007. We’ll start with a little Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

A few of the family highlights during 2007 include:

  • We added a ski boat to the arsenal of toys out at the cottage.
  • We also bought a kid’s dirt bike and small ATV for family fun at the cottage.
  • The Newsome Family Reunion was great fun for the 57th year in a row.
  • We had a great trip to Cheyenne in August for Gram Neldie’s 80th birthday party.
  • On the way back from Cheyenne we once again had fun in the Black Hills.
  • The Dahl Family Reunion at Billings park was another good day with relatives.
  • We decided to re-create our 2001 Christmas photo (see above).

Dahls with SantaDahls at Mount Rushmore

There are more photos down below in the next four posts. We hope to see you back here again at the end of 2008 for another update from the Dahl Family.

Dahls on ATV

Emma – 2007

Emma in hammock

Emma knows what she wants for Christmas (you!).

Emmaline had her eleventh birthday in May just before finishing the 5th grade. That means that she started at the middle school this fall while leaving the rest of the family back in the elementary school. She is doing some new things this year including playing the flute in band class and going to dances with boys (well not “with” them [yet], but they are there and so is she).

In March she was a star at the 5th grade Track-o-rama, placing second in the 75 yard dash and first in the 4-by-200 yard relay. That girl can really run! Who knew? She also displayed her athletic prowess by learning to water ski this summer. Before long she was going all the way around the lake; twice, without falling.

Emma at Chester BowlEmma at track meet

Buying gifts for Emma became much easier early in year when she got her ears pierced. Her earring collection seems to grow at a rapid rate. Emma continues to follow the lead of her little brothers by attending gymnastics lessons. She has progressed rapidly and is just about ready to move up another level to where some of her friends are who have been competing there for quite a bit longer.

Emma does extremely well at school and seems to enjoy the added independence that comes at the middle school. It is a large school with many new kids for her to get to know, especially all those new boys. Poor Emma; she seems to be more than just a little bit boy crazy. Poor mom and dad!!

Emma on dirt bike

Alan – 2007

Alan at Chester Bowl

How about the Carol of the Bells for your listening pleasure? 

Alley Bo turned 9 in April. He got a new bike and a basketball hoop where he loves to play horse or try to shoot baskets while jumping on the trampoline. He is quite a gymnast (“crazy strong” is what his coach says) and loves to do flips and all that other fancy stuff. He has found that there are some similarities between gymnastics and both skateboarding and snowboarding, so now he’s trying to learn how to do fancy things on the boards as well.

Alan on scooterAlan catching baseball

During the fall, Alan has enjoyed the after-school Tech Club that his dad organized. He and about 30 more kids show up about every other week for 90 minutes of creative activities on the computer. They’ll also be learning about online safety and a few other essentials. but the main goal is to have fun and stretch their creative muscles a little bit.

Alan was nominated by his 4th grade teacher to participate in the National Young Scholars Program during 2008 for displaying outstanding leadership potential and for early academic excellence. What fun it is to receive a letter addressed to “Master Alan Dahl.”

Alan and Quinn in innertube

Quinny – 2007

Quinny with bubble maker

Quinny thinks the Grinch is scarey.

Quinlan Robert turned 6 in September. The next day he started kindergarten where he goes to school all day long. That pretty much wipes him out. He’s doing great in school and learning so much.

For those of you keeping score at home, starting kindergarten this year means that he is part of the high school class of 2020. Yowser, that’s kind of hard to imagine (for some of us).

Quinny continues to move up to higher levels with his gymnastics lessons. He loves to run and jump and tumble, and we love that he gets to go somewhere else to do some of that rather than just around the house.

Quinn at Chester BowlQuinns birthday party

Quinn is our champion frog-gigger at the cottage during the summer. After he had about 40-50 of them in their temporary enclosure on the beach he declared, “Catching frogs is my LIFE!!” Just so you know, all frogs are released unharmed, to be hunted and caught again another day.

Quinny loves to play both baseball and tennis. For a little guy he can really hit the ball. He has also shown great aptitude as a boxer using the Wii (video game). He consistently knocks out the larger opponents, including his dad. He is also a fishing fanatic who can really cast that baby out there. Quinny believes that it isn’t the size of the fish that you catch; any size is good as long you catch more than everybody else.

Qunn fishing at sunset

Rita and Barry – 2007

Wish we could be with all our friends and family for Christmas.
fishing at cottage

The year started with Rita enjoying Girl Vacation 2007 in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, and is of course looking forward to a repeat performance in January 2008. Rita received a Valentine’s Day gift of a painting of one of our favorite scenes – the whole family fishing on the dock at the cottage at sunset. It was painted by one of our Chinese artist friends, based on a photograph that we took several years earlier.

Rita is President of the Northern Lights Elementary PTA and still serves part-time as Parent Involvement Coordinator at the school as well. She has also filled in during a staff shortage in the special education room and will soon start substitute teaching as well.

barry eating hot pot in ChinaBarry made three more trips to Asia in 2007. He returned to Vietnam in March and spent 12 days there working on educational partnerships for his college and state system. He returned to both China and Vietnam in late May and early June for another 12 day trip. In August he was gone for 16 days to Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Korea. Also work related, Barry was elected to the Board of Directors of the Instructional Technology Council representing higher education institutions in ten states. His first board meeting was in Annapolis during July. Barry also enjoyed a trip to Kansas City in May for a conference and was able to see many of the Nab relatives while there.

Barry and Rita each competed in the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival in August, although they were on different teams. It was a great deal of fun, a little bit competitive, and more than just a little bit tiring.

Rita in Dragon Boat

The Year in Review – 2006

Dahl Christmas card picture

Hello, and welcome to the year in review for the Dahl Family Blog. The beginning of the year is at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to start there. Otherwise, just take a look any which way you prefer. There are lots of pictures, a few videos, and a couple of highlights mixed in here and there. We hope you enjoy.

November – December 2006

The PTA Fall Fest at the elementary school was fun for all. Barry went to Portland for a conference and was able to make a side trip to Corvallis to see if his beloved ASU Sun Devils play football against Oregon State. Unfortunately, only one team showed up that day, and it wasn’t the team from the desert. Rita made her annual early holiday shopping trip to the Cities with her girlfriends. Most of the stories involve eating, drinking, and hot tubs; but we’re sure there was also some serious shopping mixed in there.

Cottage in winter

Our annual jaunt to the cottage hunting for Christmas trees was a fun adventure. We found our normal Charlie Brownish tree that we brought home to a warm house and lots of decorations on the lower branches.

Quinn with tree

Rita hosted her annual holiday candy-making party at the house. Each year the group grows larger, the fun gets louder, and the candy gets sweeter.

Emma and Alan performed in the Northern Lights Holiday Concert. Quinny will have a special holiday party with songs and dancing in his classroom on Dec. 22nd. Click here to open the video in a separate window.

Click To Play

Rita made a quick trip to New Mexico to visit her friend Becki. She mostly spent time in Santa Fe on her extended weekend.

Emma performed beautifully at her holiday performance for the Sterling Silver Dance Studio. She was in a baton group, as shown below. She is the farthest left in the beginning lineup. Open separately here.

Click To Play

October 2006

In October, Barry was returning to China for another work-related trip and Rita took the opportunity to go along for a personal adventure. They spent five days in Guangzhou, China; then made stops in Hong Kong, Macau, and Saigon, Vietnam.

Tea in Guangzhou

In Guangzhou, we had a very full schedule of business events for Barry and our other travel partners from Lake Superior College. We stayed on the campus of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Rita tagged along for most of Barry’s business meetings and was treated royally by our hosts. Our last full day was actually spent in Foshan touring many ceramics factories, shops, kilns, and a ceramics museum. See other posts about our time in China: post one, post two, post three, post four, and post five.

Rita shopping in Kowloon

In Hong Kong, we stayed at the posh Conrad Hotel. Rita mostly enjoyed the shopping markets across the bay in Kowloon. She was very disappointed that the shops closed down at 11 PM on a Sunday. What were they thinking? Posts from Barry’s blog: first post and second post.

Rita in Macau

In Macau, Barry was able to knock off work a little early so that they could spend some time at the local casinos. Here’s another post about our day there.

Rita shopping in Saigon

In Saigon, Rita enjoyed more shopping experiences. Here are some earlier posts about our time in Saigon: post one, post two, post three, and post four.

Shortly after returning from Asia, Barry headed out again, this time to North Carolina for another conference. The personal highlight of the trip was when he and some buddies took a side trip to Mayberry (Mt. Airy) to soak in the sights and smells of the Andy Griffith Show. Goober says hey!

Mayberry Court House

Click here to see many more photos from Mayberry and Mt. Pilot.

Halloween boys

Halloween was a fun time although it was pretty cold for the trick-or-treaters. The kids handled the weather by making about four different excursions around the neighborhoods with a warm up period in between each one.

August – Sept 2006

The annual Dahl Family reunion was well attended and provided the opportunity for good eating, good chatting, and some bocce ball. Barry went to Ottawa, Canada for a conference. It was his first time in Canada’s capitol city and he enjoyed it very much.  Rita and Barry celebrated their 11th anniversary by returning to the scene of the crime.

MN State Fair Chair Swing 

We all enjoyed a day at the Minnesota State Fair. However, we felt that we missed something by not trying the spaghetti on-a-stick, deep fried pickle on-a-stick, deep fried Twinkies (apparently not on-a-stick), or Nothin’ on a Stick.

Quinn's 5th birthday 

Quinny celebrated his fifth birthday on September 4 at an indoor carnival and game room.

boys first day at school Emma first day at school

The first day of school was very exciting. This is the only year that all three kids will officially go to the same school. Quinny started community pre-school (new this year as a pre-kindergarten school initiative), Alan is in the 3rd grade, and Emma is in 5th. All three do wonderfully at school.

September saw the return of the weekly activities such as swimming lessons for all three, gymnastics lessons for all three, and baton for Emma.

June – July 2006

Rita had another birthday. She and the kids flew to Pennsylvania to visit the Strangs. Rita worked at the White Birch one night per week during the summer for some extra spending money. Barry attended a conference in San Diego, one of his favorite cities. Unfortunately, the Padres were not in town during his visit, but he did get to watch all the games on local TV and have some great fish tacos.

After the half marathon

Barry ran the half marathon at Grandma’s in Duluth. Even though he ran many 10 K races (in a previous life), he had never ran more than seven miles at a time in his life before that day (13.1 miles!). Ouch!

Gram Neldie withy dad's monument

Barry flew to Cheyenne to be with his mom during the Bob Nab Memorial Baseball Tournament. The flagpoles and a monument were dedicated to Grandpa Bob during the tournament and Barry got to throw out the first pitch. See a video here.

Reunion 2006

The Newsome Family Reunion lived up to the hype for the 52nd annual event. Click here for larger photo.

May 2006

Emma the baton twirler

Emma turned 10 on the 24th. Double digits!! OMG!! When did that happen? She had her favorite kind of party … a massive sleepover.

Barry is 50 

Barry turned 50 with little fanfair, exactly as he requested.

At the Anchor for a burger 

Gram Neldie came to visit for 11 days to see the kids’ spring concerts at school and she also got to spend some time with the ladies at the casino in Hinckley for Matma’s birthday celebration.

R.J. and kids on trampoline

While Gram Neldie was here, R.J. Nab also drove up for a day while he was in St. Cloud for job training. 

Emma's baton group photo

Emma and Rita both danced in the Sterling Silver spring recital.

Rita's dance recital group photo

Barry went to China for 12 days and spent time in Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing.

Barry on the Great Wall

Really an amazing trip for someone who had never left the Western Hemisphere before. See many more photos here.

Meeting students in China

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