August – Sept 2006

The annual Dahl Family reunion was well attended and provided the opportunity for good eating, good chatting, and some bocce ball. Barry went to Ottawa, Canada for a conference. It was his first time in Canada’s capitol city and he enjoyed it very much.  Rita and Barry celebrated their 11th anniversary by returning to the scene of the crime.

MN State Fair Chair Swing 

We all enjoyed a day at the Minnesota State Fair. However, we felt that we missed something by not trying the spaghetti on-a-stick, deep fried pickle on-a-stick, deep fried Twinkies (apparently not on-a-stick), or Nothin’ on a Stick.

Quinn's 5th birthday 

Quinny celebrated his fifth birthday on September 4 at an indoor carnival and game room.

boys first day at school Emma first day at school

The first day of school was very exciting. This is the only year that all three kids will officially go to the same school. Quinny started community pre-school (new this year as a pre-kindergarten school initiative), Alan is in the 3rd grade, and Emma is in 5th. All three do wonderfully at school.

September saw the return of the weekly activities such as swimming lessons for all three, gymnastics lessons for all three, and baton for Emma.


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