June – July 2006

Rita had another birthday. She and the kids flew to Pennsylvania to visit the Strangs. Rita worked at the White Birch one night per week during the summer for some extra spending money. Barry attended a conference in San Diego, one of his favorite cities. Unfortunately, the Padres were not in town during his visit, but he did get to watch all the games on local TV and have some great fish tacos.

After the half marathon

Barry ran the half marathon at Grandma’s in Duluth. Even though he ran many 10 K races (in a previous life), he had never ran more than seven miles at a time in his life before that day (13.1 miles!). Ouch!

Gram Neldie withy dad's monument

Barry flew to Cheyenne to be with his mom during the Bob Nab Memorial Baseball Tournament. The flagpoles and a monument were dedicated to Grandpa Bob during the tournament and Barry got to throw out the first pitch. See a video here.

Reunion 2006

The Newsome Family Reunion lived up to the hype for the 52nd annual event. Click here for larger photo.


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