November – December 2006

The PTA Fall Fest at the elementary school was fun for all. Barry went to Portland for a conference and was able to make a side trip to Corvallis to see if his beloved ASU Sun Devils play football against Oregon State. Unfortunately, only one team showed up that day, and it wasn’t the team from the desert. Rita made her annual early holiday shopping trip to the Cities with her girlfriends. Most of the stories involve eating, drinking, and hot tubs; but we’re sure there was also some serious shopping mixed in there.

Cottage in winter

Our annual jaunt to the cottage hunting for Christmas trees was a fun adventure. We found our normal Charlie Brownish tree that we brought home to a warm house and lots of decorations on the lower branches.

Quinn with tree

Rita hosted her annual holiday candy-making party at the house. Each year the group grows larger, the fun gets louder, and the candy gets sweeter.

Emma and Alan performed in the Northern Lights Holiday Concert. Quinny will have a special holiday party with songs and dancing in his classroom on Dec. 22nd. Click here to open the video in a separate window.

Click To Play

Rita made a quick trip to New Mexico to visit her friend Becki. She mostly spent time in Santa Fe on her extended weekend.

Emma performed beautifully at her holiday performance for the Sterling Silver Dance Studio. She was in a baton group, as shown below. She is the farthest left in the beginning lineup. Open separately here.

Click To Play


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