Alan – 2007

Alan at Chester Bowl

How about the Carol of the Bells for your listening pleasure? 

Alley Bo turned 9 in April. He got a new bike and a basketball hoop where he loves to play horse or try to shoot baskets while jumping on the trampoline. He is quite a gymnast (“crazy strong” is what his coach says) and loves to do flips and all that other fancy stuff. He has found that there are some similarities between gymnastics and both skateboarding and snowboarding, so now he’s trying to learn how to do fancy things on the boards as well.

Alan on scooterAlan catching baseball

During the fall, Alan has enjoyed the after-school Tech Club that his dad organized. He and about 30 more kids show up about every other week for 90 minutes of creative activities on the computer. They’ll also be learning about online safety and a few other essentials. but the main goal is to have fun and stretch their creative muscles a little bit.

Alan was nominated by his 4th grade teacher to participate in the National Young Scholars Program during 2008 for displaying outstanding leadership potential and for early academic excellence. What fun it is to receive a letter addressed to “Master Alan Dahl.”

Alan and Quinn in innertube


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