Emma – 2007

Emma in hammock

Emma knows what she wants for Christmas (you!).

Emmaline had her eleventh birthday in May just before finishing the 5th grade. That means that she started at the middle school this fall while leaving the rest of the family back in the elementary school. She is doing some new things this year including playing the flute in band class and going to dances with boys (well not “with” them [yet], but they are there and so is she).

In March she was a star at the 5th grade Track-o-rama, placing second in the 75 yard dash and first in the 4-by-200 yard relay. That girl can really run! Who knew? She also displayed her athletic prowess by learning to water ski this summer. Before long she was going all the way around the lake; twice, without falling.

Emma at Chester BowlEmma at track meet

Buying gifts for Emma became much easier early in year when she got her ears pierced. Her earring collection seems to grow at a rapid rate. Emma continues to follow the lead of her little brothers by attending gymnastics lessons. She has progressed rapidly and is just about ready to move up another level to where some of her friends are who have been competing there for quite a bit longer.

Emma does extremely well at school and seems to enjoy the added independence that comes at the middle school. It is a large school with many new kids for her to get to know, especially all those new boys. Poor Emma; she seems to be more than just a little bit boy crazy. Poor mom and dad!!

Emma on dirt bike


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