Quinny – 2007

Quinny with bubble maker

Quinny thinks the Grinch is scarey.

Quinlan Robert turned 6 in September. The next day he started kindergarten where he goes to school all day long. That pretty much wipes him out. He’s doing great in school and learning so much.

For those of you keeping score at home, starting kindergarten this year means that he is part of the high school class of 2020. Yowser, that’s kind of hard to imagine (for some of us).

Quinny continues to move up to higher levels with his gymnastics lessons. He loves to run and jump and tumble, and we love that he gets to go somewhere else to do some of that rather than just around the house.

Quinn at Chester BowlQuinns birthday party

Quinn is our champion frog-gigger at the cottage during the summer. After he had about 40-50 of them in their temporary enclosure on the beach he declared, “Catching frogs is my LIFE!!” Just so you know, all frogs are released unharmed, to be hunted and caught again another day.

Quinny loves to play both baseball and tennis. For a little guy he can really hit the ball. He has also shown great aptitude as a boxer using the Wii (video game). He consistently knocks out the larger opponents, including his dad. He is also a fishing fanatic who can really cast that baby out there. Quinny believes that it isn’t the size of the fish that you catch; any size is good as long you catch more than everybody else.

Qunn fishing at sunset


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