Rita and Barry – 2007

Wish we could be with all our friends and family for Christmas.
fishing at cottage

The year started with Rita enjoying Girl Vacation 2007 in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, and is of course looking forward to a repeat performance in January 2008. Rita received a Valentine’s Day gift of a painting of one of our favorite scenes – the whole family fishing on the dock at the cottage at sunset. It was painted by one of our Chinese artist friends, based on a photograph that we took several years earlier.

Rita is President of the Northern Lights Elementary PTA and still serves part-time as Parent Involvement Coordinator at the school as well. She has also filled in during a staff shortage in the special education room and will soon start substitute teaching as well.

barry eating hot pot in ChinaBarry made three more trips to Asia in 2007. He returned to Vietnam in March and spent 12 days there working on educational partnerships for his college and state system. He returned to both China and Vietnam in late May and early June for another 12 day trip. In August he was gone for 16 days to Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Korea. Also work related, Barry was elected to the Board of Directors of the Instructional Technology Council representing higher education institutions in ten states. His first board meeting was in Annapolis during July. Barry also enjoyed a trip to Kansas City in May for a conference and was able to see many of the Nab relatives while there.

Barry and Rita each competed in the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival in August, although they were on different teams. It was a great deal of fun, a little bit competitive, and more than just a little bit tiring.

Rita in Dragon Boat


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