2010 started as every year does with Rita making her annual pilgrimage to the Florida Keys for Girl Vacation. In addition to the usual suspects, Grandma Neldie (Nab) also went along for 10 days of fun and sun.

Our first big family event of 2010 came in March when we went on our third Dahl family cruise. This year we had to cut our 7-day cruise down to five days since Barry had to be back on land and ready for a job interview on day six. We visited Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Second pic below is back on land at St. Pete Beach where we spent the extra couple of days.

Two beautiful kitties joined the family in 2010. Sophia (darker; also called Sophie, Sophia Loren, and Sofers) and Sidney (lighter; also called Sidney Portier or just plain Sid) are brother and sister. The second we saw them at the shelter we knew that they would become Dahl family members. Sophie is rather timid and shy while Sid is a real gadabout.

Alan turned 12 in April. Emma turned 14 in May. Barry and Rita also got a little older around that time of the year.

Emma is a 9th grader at Superior High School and on the gymnastics team. Unfortunately, she broke her hand doing a back hand spring just a few days prior to their first varsity meet. She is on the mend and hopes to be competing with the team in early 2011. Here’s a video of her landing a back tuck for the first time during one of her practices.

2010 is the year that Alan found his calling as a duct tape wallet entrepreneur. He continually comes up with new designs and keeps his focus on continuous quality improvement. Here are just a few of his designs.

Another fabulous summer at the Cottage was enjoyed by all. Lots of sleep-overs, lots of fishing, lots of baseball, weekly trips to Hayward for fun and shopping, and lots of quality time with many of the relatives. Great summer for berry picking and absolutely our most productive garden in many, many years.

The Newsome family reunion started on the 4th Saturday in July and continued for several more days, just like it always does. 2010 marked the 60th annual family celebration.

A couple weeks later came the Dahl family reunion. Alan is tutoring Scott Dahl on the finer points of using a cell phone. Scott was also Alan’s best customer for duct tape wallets. Sadly, Scott passed away in November.

Quinn’s ninth birthday party was a special one as we all enjoyed an outing at the Ropes Course at the University of Wisconsin Superior. Here’s a little video put together of the big day.

Another big highlight for the year was a family trip to Washington DC to see the sights and feel the history. Barry had to go there for business so we all flew out there a few days early to explore the city. Holocaust Museum, and various Smithsonian museums were the highlights; including the Natural History, American History, the castle, and the National Zoo. Also check out our Glogster poster of the DC trip.

The year is coming to a close on a rather somber note. At the end of November, Barry was told that his job at the college is being eliminated. 15 years at the college resulted in little more than a “So long and thanks for all the fish” sort of exit. Not sure what comes next for him, but there will be something new to report when we write the 2011 edition.

That said, we’ll try to end the year on a high note, with the Dahl kids and animals pictured just before the decorations were hung on the tree, and Rita and Barry standing in front of the finished product.



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